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The Beauty of Lake Michigan in the Winter

Enjoying Lake Michigan in the Wintertime Fresh fallen snow and the breathtaking view of the lake during the wintertime are only two reasons why living by Lake Michigan during the cold months is a great idea. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your time by the lake. For those who love [Read More...]

Retiring in Lake Michigan

Residents of Michigan and those living in other states can’t argue the beauty of Lake Michigan. When you choose to retire, you should pick a location you can truly relax. Even for those planning an active retirement, our properties in Lake Michigan are perfect. We offer many amenities in every hom[Read More...]

Why Michigan is the Place to Be

Lake Michigan: The Place Where Forever Memories Are Made In today’s hurried world, finding time to spend together with family is often difficult. And yet, when families take the time to vacation, relax, and spend quality moments with one another, the stress and hassles of everyday living seem to [Read More...]

Go Big or Go Home!

The Benefits of Upgrading to a Bigger House Everyone dreams of having a bigger and better house, a mansion, chateau or something just one size up. One of the great things about living in a big house is being able to accommodate a growing family. If you decided to purchase a larger and more expe[Read More...]

Fun Activities to Do with Kids in Michigan

Family Activities Now that summer is upon us and school is out, you will need to keep your kids occupied. In Michigan, there are many places to go as a family. You can take a road trip and follow the Great Lakes Circle Tour, enjoy a view of the Great Lakes which covers 6,500 miles or pick a [Read More...]

For the Energetic Bunch: Fun Lake Activities

Lake Activities Living by the lake means a relaxing experience but there is also opportunity to partake in thrilling sports. For those looking for a bit of a rush, they can try out jet skiing. For those who want something more physically demanding, sailing or rowing is also great. There is a[Read More...]

Pros to Living by the Lake Michigan

Living by the Lake Choosing to living in a home by Lake Michigan has many pros. You are offered stunning views day after day.  No matter what time of day, one look out of your window can give you a breath taking view of the water and the nature that surrounds it can give you glimpse of[Read More...]

Decrease Stress by Living by the Water

Living on the Water’s Edge Research has shown that individuals who live by the water have reported they feel in good health. This is due to a coastal environment provide significant benefits when it comes to reducing stress and increasing physical activity. Walking along the lakeside c[Read More...]

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